Mental Health Tips for the COVID-19 Outbreak

Mental Health Tips for the COVID-19 Outbreak

The outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 has impacted globally. There are tons of emotions people are feeling during these tough times. They can sometimes even cause mental health troubles to the people. The pandemic has been the reason behind people following social distancing and also going into self-quarantine. Here’s how you can stay positive amidst the chaos.


Manage your media coverage - This can definitely increase your level of fear and anxiety. Be aware and mindful that the information can actually affect your mental health. You must ensure that you are eating healthy and taking in only the accurate information. We have provided some links below.

Follow a “calm and cautious” approach – Maintain your calm and be mindful not to contribute and add to the already panic situation. This can definitely hinder the efforts of managing the whole situation positively. Ensure that you are following the directives that have been proposed by the government. The medical advice that suggests your best interest must be adopted and upheld.

Be compassionate and kind to one another – During this difficult time it would be ideal and suggested to adopt isolation. Specifically, when you are uncertain about your health. In case you suffer even the slightest sight of discomfort in terms of your health, it would be best to self-isolate yourself and take the right medicine to prevent any major future health troubles.

One advice to everyone would be to make sure that your health is not compromised no matter what.  

Strategies that would work really well to help cope with social distancing, self-isolation or quarantine

  • Perspective – You must try and witness the social distancing time as your unique and alone time. It is definitely not necessarily a bad event. You can get your head around a new skill and learn something new.
  • Connection – This can be your creative time to get your creative juices flowing and to stay connected with your people. You can use social media, email and phone to get going with the quarantine situation.
  • Be generous to others – Generosity would go a long way. Ensure that you are also aware of what is happening in your surroundings. You must help the people near you.
  • Daily routine – Create a fixed routine, which prioritizes the things you might enjoy and the things that hold meaning to you, but you never found the right time to do it.

To be mentally fit and free from stress, you must ensure that you are fit and healthy. It is not only important to make sure you are physically healthy but also ensure that your mental health is not compromised ever. It is during this pandemic time, that you require to stay clear from all negative thoughts and focus your energy on being healthy.


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