Of All the Oral Erectile Dysfunction Drugs, Which One’s the Best?

Of All the Oral Erectile Dysfunction Drugs, Which One’s the Best?

Vardenafil Citrate and Avanafil is a trusted element that is used for treating male sexual function issues, that in other words, is called impotence or ED. When combined with sexual stimulation, this agent works wonders by increasing the flow of blood to your reproductive organ and helping one to achieve and maintain an erection for a sufficient time. You must know when consuming that this medicine does not protect one against STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) such as HIV, Syphilis, and Gonorrhoea, and more. Therefore, when you are taking such medication, it is important to practice ‘safe sex’ by using latex condoms or you can consult the doctor to know more.

Are you planning to buy online Vardenafil Citrate then it is advised to start to consume vardenafil to achieve a healthy intimate life? Many rely on this medicine for treating erectile dysfunction or impotence. However, it should not be consumed by a woman and keep out of reach of children. When consuming Avanafil, it is advised to avoid consuming any other medicine as it may cause a serious reduction in blood pressure. Also, avoid taking Avanafil with Nitrate drugs such as nitroglycerine. In case you experience vision loss or any other issue, stop using it immediately and seek medical attention. Also, if the erection lasts longer than four hours or causes pain then get medical emergency attention as soon as possible.

What should I know before taking the medicine?
In case you are allergic to the ingredients, avoid taking Avanafil or if the medicine to treat Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Avoid the consumption if you are consuming nitrate medication for heart diseases or chest pain. This includes isosorbide mononitrate and nitro-glycerine. Be cautious as taking Avana 200mg might cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. If you are suffering from angina, heart attack, heart surgery, heart failure, or high blood pressure, then you must consult with your doctor immediately.

What if one misses a dose?
Many stress about this question for all kinds of medicine, know that since Avana 200mg is consumed when needed, so one doesn’t have to worry about dosage schedule.

What happens if one overdoses?
It is advised to be as careful as possible when consuming the medicine and by chance, you consume too much of it. Seek emergency medical attention immediately. It is advised to consume as prescribed by the doctor to treat erectile dysfunction. It is extremely effective as it inhibits phosphodiesterase type-5 enzyme that helps one achieve the erection.

How should one consume it?
Consume the drug as advised by the doctor or you must read all the information you can get all the information that you need. Follow the instruction closely and always take the medicine an hour before getting into the sexual activity. You can consume it with or without the food. 

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