What Should You Eat And Avoid While Taking Antibiotics

What Should You Eat And Avoid While Taking Antibiotics

Antibiotics are important they help you stay afloat and stop your body from reacting to the bacterial infection. They are the most preferred choice when it comes to protecting the organs from damage. You might experience some side effects like abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, etc. It is important that you know how to correctly take the medicine, the right admissible food items. When you take the right dosage, with the right precautions, chances are, you wouldn’t be struck down by any side effect. Here are some of the best food options that help increase the effectiveness and carefully minimize the side effects of antibiotics.

  • Probiotics – Prebiotics are the ones known to promote the healthy bacterial growth, while probiotics are live healthy bacteria that are consumed to reduce the antibiotics risk. You must administer precaution when taking probiotics and antibiotics together, since the medicine might kill probiotic (since it is live bacteria). Take probiotics a few house prior to taking antibiotics.
  • Prebiotic Foods – The beneficial gut bacteria sometimes fall prey to the hands of antibiotics. When you take prebiotic food, you feed your body the essential good bacteria. High fiber food items such as beans and lentils are the ones that are easy to digest and help ferment by the healthy gut bacteria. Cocoa which contains antioxidant helps with positive prebiotic effects. So, before you buy Althrocin 500mg online, which is an antibiotic be sure you have your administered food items list ready.
  • Fermented Foods – Yogurt, Cheese, and kimchi are some of the products made using healthy bacterial species which helps restore the overall damage of any kind to the gut bacteria. It paves way towards a healthy state. Fermented foods have high healthy bacteria content which is needed when taking antibiotics. If you want a reliable antibiotic then you can buy azee 250 mg tablet, but be sure to take care of maintaining the healthy bacteria.

Foods To Avoid -

  • Avoid grapefruit, it contains furanocoumarins, which is known to interfere with the liver and intestines. The compound breaks down medicine and filters out the toxins.
  • Calcium rich food must also be avoided, since they prevent the antibiotics from being absorbed, and also lessens the overall effect.
  • Alcohol is known to triggers the side effects of certain antibiotics.
  • Alcohol must be avoided since it can cause dehydration and affect your sleep,

You can buy Althrocin 500mg online from a reliable drugstore. For the antibiotic to work effectively it is important that you know all the side effects and stick to the right way to taking it. Consult your doctor before you start the course of your antibiotics. Share all your medical and health condition in detail with the doctor for an honest opinion on which antibiotic would be suitable for you,


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