Tretiva 20mg

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Tretiva 20mg
Product Code: 10522
Manufacturer : Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Country Of Origin : India
Dosage Form : Capsule
Indication : Acne
Packaging : 10 Soft Gelatin Capsules in 1 Strip
Active Ingredient : Isotretinoin
US Brand Name: Accutane

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Tretiva 20mg


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Buy Tretiva 20 mg for acne

Tretiva Capsule comes in various dosages and belongs to a chemical compound called retinoid. The medication helps with treatment of cystic acne or the nodular acne which previously couldn’t be cured with any other treatment. Tretiva is a medicine which prevents hardening of the skin and blocks oil from clogging pores. The medicine is not advised to be used during pregnancy. The drug may cause toxicity to the baby. You can buy Tretiva 20 for acne online from various online drug stores. The drug must be taken only after prior consultation with the doctor

How to use Tretiva 20Mg?

Consult your doctor and take the medicine as prescribed. Swallow it as a whole, and don’t chew, cut, crush, or break the medicine. It must be taken with food, as it can react to the acidic juices released on empty stomach. Don’t take vitamin A supplements. Avoid any waxing treatment or laser skin treatment while you are taking the medication. Do not discontinue the medicine on your own. 

Appropriate Dosage for Tretiva 20mg 

There are chances that the skin might react in an adverse manner in the beginning but that does not mean that it is going to break out forever. These medicines tend to react adversely in the beginning and afterward the skin clears up. 

Tretiva capsule is safe to use in the patients which suffer from kidney disease. You must consult with your physician for the right dosage for your particular condition. If you feel excessively tired, suffer from puffy eyes, and experience difficulty in urination then you must inform your doctor, as these can be alarming symptoms. Buy Tretiva 20mg for acne from your local drug store or online.

If there is prolonged itchiness or irritation due to the use of this drug, consult your dermatologist as soon as possible.


Before you buy Tretiva 20mg for acne treatment, here are a few precautions that you have to take:

  • If you are a pregnant woman, it is significant that you do not take this medicine. These medicines seep right through the skin but this may have a chance of harming the unborn baby. Thus, it is recommended to not consume these during pregnancy. 
  • This medicine is surely going to make you extremely sensitive towards sun. Exposure to sunlight might cause problems for you and hence, it is advised to limit the time you are spending out in the sun.
  • While you are on this medication, it is advised to not have alcohol. Alcohol is believed to increase the risk of a few health risks such as pancreatitis and hence, it is significant to give up for the time being you are completing this course of medication.

Side Effects of Tretiva 20mg 

Most medicines have side-effects. It cannot be said that each body reacts to a drug in a similar fashion. This is the main reason why there are some side-effects after the medicine is consumed. Tretiva 20mg is also a medicine which leaves bodies with a slight discomfort and few side-effects. Have a look at some of the side-effects that can occur after the use of Tretiva 20mg:

  • Anemia (low number of red blood cells),
  • Low blood platelets,
  • Eyelid inflammation,
  • Conjunctivitis,
  • Dry eye,
  • Eye irritation,
  • Dry skin,
  • Dermatitis,
  • Exfoliating dermatitis,
  • Itching,
  • Increased liver enzymes

These are some of the common side-effects that occur in the case of Tretiva 20mg or Tretiva, all the doses. If there are some other side-effects that occur in the body after the consumption of this medicine, talk to your dermatologist about it. You can buy Tretiva 20mg for acne prone skin, now available online as well. 


More Information
Medicine Salt Name Isotretinoin (Generic Accutane)
Manufacture detail Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Strength 3.7 ml
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